Afiliate your Property


By list your property with Rent for Vacations get the great benefits of promotion through our portals, travel agencies, social networking and VIP programs on vacation.

We show your property in a more attractive offering for rent options rent by week or month. Our evaluation department will provide a concept wihtout cost to see if your property is eligible to be promoted Rent for Vacations.

It's simple to affiliate with us just have to meet the following requirements:

  • Property Type
  • Owner Full Name
  • Telephone, Email, Address
  • Rent short or long term
  • No. of rooms. Characteristics (size, facilities, common areas)
  • Interior description and Exterior Description
  • Inventory
  • Photos of the property

We are pleased to offer each customer a very special and customized service, taking your needs as aur commitment. Our goal is that you as the owner fell comfortable with our services and the management of your property.

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